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Waud Capital Partners is an investment adviser registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).

All information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. Nothing on this website is to be construed as investment, business, legal or tax advice or services or a solicitation to offer such advice or services. Information about investing with Waud Capital Partners is only available in the form of confidential offering documents. These documents contain information to help investors evaluate Waud Capital Partners’ investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses, among other factors, before considering an investment. Further information about Waud Capital Partners is also available in Form ADV Part 2, filed with the SEC.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results and no representation is made that an investor will or is likely to achieve results that are similar to those previously obtained by Waud Capital Partners.

Total capital commitments referred to on this website represent all capital committed to Waud Capital Partners, L.P., Waud Capital Partners II, L.P., Waud Capital Partners III, L.P., and Waud Capital Partners IV, L.P., (collectively, and together with any parallel funds, the “WCP Funds”), WCP affiliated entities, WCP fund limited partners co-investment vehicles and direct investments made by Reeve Waud before the WCP Funds were raised.

Certain links, including links to portfolio company websites, are provided on this website. These links are provided as a convenience and do not imply Waud Capital Partners’ sponsorship or approval of any of these websites or their content. Waud Capital Partners has no control over or responsibility for other websites that may be accessible from this website, the contents thereof, their security or privacy policies, or any products/services that may be offered by them. If you access any third party website through this website or because it is referred to in this website, you do so at your own risk. Links to or from this website do not constitute an endorsement by Waud Capital Partners of the parties or businesses which are so linked, nor do they necessarily indicate any affiliation between Waud Capital Partners and such parties or businesses.

Testimonials of Operating Partners (as defined below) and portfolio company executives are provided to demonstrate the benefits of working with the Waud Capital Partners Team. They are not provided to solicit investors or to illustrate investment experience with Waud Capital Partners. Some Operating Partners and portfolio company executives featured in the testimonials may also be investing with Waud Capital Partners; such Operating Partners’ and portfolio company executives’ testimonials are not offered on the basis of being an investor in a Waud Capital Partners fund but rather as an operating or portfolio company executive who works with the Waud Capital Partners Team. As detailed in Waud Capital Partners’ Form ADV Part 2A, independent senior operating executives (“Operating Partners”) are engaged and compensated by Waud Capital Partners to assist in researching, identifying and providing recommendations regarding target markets, market segments and companies for potential acquisition or investment. For further detail regarding Operating Partners, please refer to the relevant Fund governing documents or Part 2A of the Form ADV, which can be found at

Additionally, Waud Capital Partners has created an operating group (the “Operations Group”), which is comprised of non-investment professionals employed or retained by Waud Capital Partners or any of its affiliates primarily to provide consulting services to any current or prospective portfolio company of the Waud Capital Partners Funds and/or to support WCP and/or its investment professionals in connection with their activities in relation to the identification, acquisition, holding, improvement and disposition of portfolio companies, including operational aspects of such companies. For further detail regarding the Operations Group, please refer to the relevant Fund governing documents or Part 2A of the Form ADV, which can be found at