Culture at WCP

WCP’s culture is driven by three core principles: our colleagues are Disciplined, Growth-Minded, and People-Oriented. Our jobs don’t always have to be serious—we’re friends, too, and we enjoy having fun together outside of work.


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Ed Lee Associate

Culture is a product of the people at a firm. The people at WCP are incredibly talented, committed, and smart individuals. Just as importantly, they are high-integrity and humble and will go out of their way to be helpful. This promotes a collaborative and fun work environment for all employees across the firm.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at WCP

Waud Capital Partners celebrates diversity in all of its forms and is committed to being a workplace that promotes equity, inclusivity, and respect. We strive to foster a welcoming environment for individuals of all backgrounds and to build a team that is representative of our increasingly diverse and interconnected world. The firm’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is fundamental to WCP’s core values and strategic business goals.

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We are committed to educational and philanthropic events that broaden our perspectives and catalyze change. Events, panel discussions, and trainings around topics like Black history, Hispanic heritage, women in leadership, and unconscious bias are an integral part of WCP’s culture of learning.

Along with internal awareness and education, we also hold ourselves accountable for implementing new initiatives and driving progress in recruiting, in community involvement, and in our work with our portfolio companies.

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Lindsey Pieper Senior Accounting Associate

WCP creates a great environment where I feel valued and encouraged to grow. I enjoy being a part of a firm that continuously stresses the importance of collaboration and diversity.