Tech-Enabled Healthcare & HCIT

Clinical staffing services for hospitals, health systems, and health plans

Headquarters Dallas, TX
Date of initial investment December 2022

Fusion Health was formed by Waud Capital Partners to provide clinical staffing services to healthcare facilities, providers, and health plans, solving a variety of episodic clinical resource needs through technology-enabled solutions. In December 2022, Fusion Health acquired Fusion Healthcare Staffing, a leading provider of locum tenens staffing services to hospitals and healthcare providers across the United States.

Bales Nelson
Bales Nelson Chief Executive Officer

Allen and I are excited to have partnered with the Waud Capital team after several years of relationship-building. We share a vision of the compelling market opportunity that exists for Fusion Health.

Allen Dye (1)
Allen Dye President

Together, we believe that we will create a leading platform delivering innovative service offerings to address complex clinical staffing needs for customers across the healthcare continuum. Our experience to date with the Waud Capital team has been everything that was promised.