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Acadia Healthcare Company is a platform established by WCP to acquire, develop and operate a network of inpatient psychiatric facilities, substance abuse centers, residential treatment centers and specialty behavioral programs.

Healthcare Services – Behavioral healthcare
Nashville, Tennessee
  Date of Investment:   
December 2005
Areas of Acquisition Focus

  • Inpatient psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals
  • Residential psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals
  • Outpatient psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals
Hospital Openings and Acquisitions

  • The Manor Clinic – July 2015
  • Belmont Behavioral Health – July 2015
  • Care UK – June 2015
  • Choice Lifestyles – June 2015
  • Quality Addiction Management – March 2015
  • CRC Health Group – October 2014
  • Partnerships in Care – July 2014
  • Riverside Center for Behavioral Medicine – January 2014
  • Highline Specialty Hospital – December 2013
  • The Refuge, a Healing Place – June 2013
  • Delta Medical Center – February 2013
  • Greenleaf Center – January 2013
  • Behavioral Centers of America – December 2012
  • AmiCare Behavioral Centers – December 2012
  • Park Royal Hospital – November 2012
  • Timberline Knolls – September 2012
  • Rolling Hills Hospital - March 2012
  • Red River Hospital - March 2012
  • Sonora Behavioral Health - March 2012
  • Pioneer Behavioral Health - November 2011
  • Youth & Family Centered Services - April 2011
  • Peninsula Village - November 2009
  • Acadiana Addiction Center - March 2009
  • Riverwoods Behavioral Health System - September 2008
  • Acadia Hospital of Montana - September 2006
  • Acadia Hospital of Hawaii - September 2006
  • Acadia Hospital of Lafayette - June 2006
  • Acadia Hospital of Longview - June 2006
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08/15   Acadia Healthcare Announces Secondary Offering

08/15   Acadia Healthcare Reports 78.1% Growth in Second Quarter Adjusted EPS to $0.57

07/15   Acadia Healthcare Announces Completion of Belmont Behavioral Health Acquisition

06/15   Acadia Healthcare Announces Three Acquisitions

04/15   Acadia Healthcare Reports First Quarter Adjusted EPS

03/15   Acadia Healthcare Acquires Quality Addiction Management

02/15   Acadia Healthcare Completes Acquisition of CRC Health Group & Reports Q4 Adj. EPS Growth of 58.6%

10/14   Acadia Healthcare Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire CRC Health Group

07/14   Acadia Healthcare Reports Second Quarter Adjusted EPS

07/14   Acadia Healthcare Completes Purchase of Partnerships in Care

06/14   Acadia Healthcare Announces Proposed $300 Million Senior Unsecured Debt Offering

06/14   Acadia Healthcare Announces Closing of Equity Offering

06/14   Acadia Healthcare Announces Proposed Offering of $340 Million of Common Stock

06/14   Acadia Healthcare Signs Definitive Agreement to Purchase Partnerships in Care

04/14   Acadia Healthcare Reports 33.3% Growth in First Quarter Adjusted EPS to $0.28

02/14   Acadia Healthcare Reports 52.6% Increase in Fourth Quarter Adjusted EPS to $0.29

01/14   Acadia Healthcare Acquires Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

10/13   Acadia Healthcare Third Quarter Adjusted EPS Increases to $0.30 from $0.17

07/13   Acadia Healthcare Reports Second Quarter Adjusted EPS

06/13   Acadia Healthcare to Acquire Inpatient Psychiatric Facility

05/13   Acadia Healthcare Reports First Quarter Adjusted EPS

04/13   Acadia Healthcare to Acquire Two Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

02/13   Acadia Healthcare Announces the Purchase of Delta Medical Center

01/13   Acadia Healthcare Acquires 50-Bed Inpatient Psychiatric Facility

01/13   Acadia Healthcare Completes Acquisitions of Eight Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

12/12   Acadia Healthcare Announces Pricing of Offering of Common Stock

12/12   Acadia Healthcare Announces Closing of Follow-On Offering

11/12   Acadia Healthcare to Acquire Eight Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

11/12   Acadia Healthcare Announces Acquisition of Park Royal Hospital

11/12   Acadia Healthcare Reports Third Quarter Adjusted EPS of $0.17 and EPS of $0.16

09/12   Acadia Healthcare Announces the Acquisition of Timberline Knolls

07/12   Acadia Healthcare Reports Second Quarter Adjusted EPS of $0.18 and EPS of $0.17

05/12   Acadia Healthcare Announces Closing of Follow-On Offering

04/12   Acadia Healthcare Announces Follow-On Offering

04/12   Acadia Healthcare Reports First Quarter Results

03/12   Acadia Healthcare Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results for 2011

03/12   Acadia Healthcare Acquires Three Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

01/12   Acadia Healthcare to Acquire Three Acute Inpatient Psychiatric Facilities

01/12   Acadia Healthcare Names Wade Miquelon to Board of Directors

12/11   Acadia Healthcare Announces Pricing of Public Offering of Common Stock

12/11   Acadia Healthcare Announces Public Offering of 8,333,333 Shares of Common Stock

11/11   Acadia Healthcare Completes Merger with PHC, Inc.

05/11   Acadia Healthcare Company Announces Merger with PHC Inc.

04/11   Acadia Healthcare Company Acquires Youth & Family Centered Services, Inc.

03/11   Acadia Announces Expansion of Management Team, Adds Joey Jacobs as CEO

11/09   Acadia Healthcare Announces Acquisition of Peninsula Village

03/09   Acadia Healthcare Announces Acquisition of Acadiana Addiction Center

09/08   Acadia Healthcare Announces Acquisition of RiverWoods Psychiatric Facility

05/07   Acadia Healthcare Announces Appointment of New Chief Executive Officer

12/06   Acadia Healthcare Honored as 2006 Catalyst Awards Finalist

09/06   Acadia Healthcare Announces Purchase of Kids Behavioral Health

06/06   Acadia Healthcare Company Acquires Two Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitals

02/06   WCP Announces Formation of Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital Company


“Acadia is fortunate to partner with Waud Capital’s exceptional investment team and I am eager to continue building upon the Company’s strong foundation, providing high quality behavioral healthcare services to patients and their families.”

Joey Jacobs
Chief Executive Officer
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